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I have reviewed all documentation and it is apparent that there is no way to style the form in the Accept JS Hosted form.  In order to do so, we would needto create our own form and submit it via JS.  Thus, opening us up to SAQ A-EP requirements; which requires a lot more time investment to manage.


I also understand that SAQ A requires any vendor (Authorize)offering CSS manipulation to verify all code submittedfor security. There should be a way to do this programmatically, where only a subset of CSS would be processed, and the rest eaither ignored or appropriate errors raised.


Not allowing styling makes for a confusing experience for the end user.  They have spent a long period of time on our site choosing items to buy, only to end up on a page that looks nothing like what they were just on. Even if it appears in a pop up, it is still a little unsettling to the user that they will be putting card data into something that looks so different.


It would be greatly appreciated if a method be could created to allow for the styling of the form.


Has or is this being considered?


I have seen a few other comments with regards to this, but there is no other detail than to create your own form.  There are other vendors offering this fetaure.   I would hope/expectthat Authorize.  Net would offer it too.


I look forward to your response.   Thanks!


I agree with your solution of the issue. However, JS hosted form, will require a lot more time to manage and code, as you have mentioned in your comment. Thanks by Alaskasworld.


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