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You've shot good footage and you're ready to present it to the world. But how will people find your video on the vast expanses of YouTube? Are there any secret tricks that trigger YouTube algorithms and the rapid process of gaining views?

The effectiveness of videos - the main promotion algorithm

Let's break down the main algorithms that affect increasing views, and how you can influence them.
Viewer response.
This is the foundation of your videos. YouTube algorithms process thousands of hours of newly uploaded content every minute. They don't pay attention to the type of video, but based on viewer reaction. You can also influence your audience's behavior on YouTube on your own, such as quickly buying views on videos on Lowcostsmm.

That's what these metrics are formed from:

Whether or not a particular video arouses interest;
How quickly the viewer switches from one video to another;
Who the user likes/dislikes;
Which videos the user hides from his feed.

Competitor Channel Indicators
Research your competitors. Understand the value of your content compared to your competitors. It should be as good as it is ideologically, emotionally and, preferably, technically. This will give a chance to get on the main page of YouTube.

Subject matter of the content
Produce content without abruptly changing topics. If you were making content about real estate, for example, and then started releasing about health, they'll probably stop hitting the home page.

A great way to give your channel an extra boost is to use polls in the Community tab.

Audience Retention
The ratio of video duration to audience retention in percentages and minutes is important. Those that have a higher cumulative viewing time in hours have more impressions and are more likely to be recommended. Duration does not have a direct impact.

Depth of View and Linking
Linking is linking to other videos from your channel. Proper linking increases the amount of content one viewer sees on your channel. Which has a positive effect on YouTube's ranking algorithms.

Linking Ways:

End Captions. For a detailed guide to end caps, read the article at this link.
Links in the description
Links in the comments
Posts on the Community tab
It's important to give a motivated call to watch a particular video so they understand what it will provide and why they should spend time on it.

Serial Content.
Serialization is very important for getting into YouTube's algorithms because it increases retention rates, viewing depth and behavioral factors.

When searching for topics to create a video series, analyze popular competitor content, "bold" search terms and trending topics.

Build your series into playlists.

Video icons and titles
This is the first thing the viewer pays attention to. The combination of preview and title determines whether your video has a chance to become popular or not. This is indicated by the CTR indicator. The higher the CTR - the better. A good value of over 8% (more than 15% for children's topics).

How to create professional previews and headlines with a high CTR, read our article here.

New and regular viewers
A high percentage of regular viewers gives you a shot at being recommended. If you are watched on a regular basis, be sure your channel will be "liked" by YouTube's algorithms.

Analyze the share of Regular and Unique viewers, as well as viewing time with and without subscription (Analytics - Audience). Also monitor viewing dynamics from notifications to subscribers (Analytics - Traffic Sources).

When you have already developed your channel and you have your own audience, and the viewing statistics show a decrease in interest, it's time to experiment.

You can throw in videos with unusual content for the channel as an experiment from time to time. This can cause a higher response, of which you understand how to act next - to continue the experimental theme or not worth it.

Unwanted content filtering or safe mode. This mode hides explicit and shocking content from your YouTube audience. Your video can end up in a "shadow" ban, which will deprive it of views.
Share if anyone knows more effective promotion methods. I would be grateful.


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First off, viewer engagement is king. It's all about keeping those eyes glued to your content.