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2 Quick q's Re: Test CC Numbers On Live Account



When a merchant account is live, meaning non developer, does it have to be in TEST mode only for us to use test cc's? The other question is what are the current/recent credit card #'s we can use with a non developer (live) merchant account?

I want to test my magento module for a client as well as another custom built client (both support regular one time payments).


Thanks. I look through google/etc but I have not had luck esp. with Magento and I am not sure if the test cc #'s I use are not valid or if I just need to disable javascript validation for Magento. I just can't go through with an order, basically, with our live (non developer, not on test mode) account


Thanks for your time.


Where test mode is on. No real credit card transaction will be created(no fee) with test or read credit card. Which mean transactionID will be zero after a transaction.


If use a test credit card on a live mode, it will get decline, but fee will still occur, if it got validation in magento, then you could try disabling it.


So basically I can disable validation on Magneto but, if I just want to use phony cc #'s, I should keep the real merchant account in test mode? If so, what are the recent fake cc #'s I can use? For instance does 4111 111 111 111 still work?


*Or* is it that I sholud only be doing these tests on a developer account? I just figured a real merchant account on 'test' would prove some sort of value. That's why I am a bit confused. I would like to use the real merchant account settings, but put it back on test mode, knowing I can get approvals if needed with a test CC #.


There is a nice article

Test Accounts vs. Live Accounts – Which Does What Anyway?


From that article

Test Mode basically allows you to validate that the transaction information was submitted correctly, but the info is not passed on for processing.