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API testing tips?

So my team went over our latest project today, and we're building the APIs for a mobile app (mobile app itself will be outsourced). I've never tested this sort of thing before, so any tips to help with the testing would be much appreciated!

Some notes:

  • I'm the QA Analyst (I do the plans, cases, test strategy, etc) and do the manual testing. Is there even really any manual testing to do with just APIs?

  • I've pinpointed soapui and postman as potential test tools. Any others that are useful? Pros/cons?

  • Our automation engineer is planning to bypass Selenium interface and just work with C# directly with the APIs. Any pitfalls, things to consider, ideas, tips?

  • Any common stumbling blocks, errors, edge cases that come up with API testing?

Thanks in advance!


Here are 10 basic tips that you need to know for API testing:
  1. Understand API requirements.
  2. Specify the API output status.
  3. Focus on small functional APIs.
  4. Organize API endpoints.
  5. Leverage automation capability for API testing
  6. Choose a suitable automation tool. 
  7. Choose suitable verification methods.

  8. is always here to help you in crtitcal situations.

The first step to API testing is to actually do it. Without good tests, it’s impossible to have full confidence in your API’s behavior, consistency, or backward compatibility. 

As your API grows in complexity, it will become important to organize your tests so they make sense and can be found easily. I suggest that you by resource, test suite, and workflows


You can search them online.