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All MasterCard transactions are declined if we use liveMode, no one is processed.

Hi all...


We were facing transactions declining issues for few days when we used gateway. Later i noticed that only MasterCards transactions were being declined and it worked OK for Visa.


By searching for a solution on internet we found that liveMode validationMode can cause MasterCard credit cards to be declined for some reasons which ,honestly, i did not understand.


We have fixed that issue temporarily by changing the validationMode to oldLiveMode and MasterCard issue is resolved. But at the same time we are worried because using oldLiveMode is not recommended as the Authorize.Net may remove it at any time. So we obviously don’t want to rely on it.


We would like you to help us in this matter as we want to have a permanent solution using liveMode which also accepts MasterCard


Thanks in advance


Hi aamirhabibkhan,

Can you please send a detailed information of your issue to Developer@Authorize.Net so we can check this for you. I also see that you got your other issue resolved on this other thread:




Administrator Administrator