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C# Card Not Present

I have a .net C# integration in Sandbox in progress and I realized I was basing my one time charges on Card Present, when in fact they should be not present (this is over the web), looking around I can not find any example of a one time charge for a Card Not Present in C#, here is my card current code, perhaps someone could assist in how I would change this to Card Not Present. I know you can use a CustomerGateway, but in my case I am not storing information on the customer and would like to perform a submission based on the parameters in my function, is this possible?:


public PaymentResponse ChargeCC( string custId, string email, string subscriptionName, decimal amount, string cardNumber, int cardMonth, int cardYear, string billToFirst, string billToLast, string billToState) {
CardPresentGateway target = new CardPresentGateway( _apiLogin, _transactionKey, true );
IGatewayRequest request = new CardPresentAuthorizeAndCaptureRequest( amount, cardNumber, cardMonth.ToString(), cardYear.ToString() );
IGatewayResponse actual = target.Send( request, description );
return new PaymentResponse( actual.ResponseCode, actual.Message );


the Card Present use AIM, you can see the sample on page


or if you don't want the credit card info go thru your server, use SIM or DPM.


I don't think this answers my question, I specifically want to use card not present one time transaction. On that page I see an authorization request, a NA SIM transaction, an ARB transaction, a CIM customer creation, and test data.

Yes, AIM, just change it from auth_only to use auth_capture.