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CIM - OpenEditShippingPopup giving me "Missing Payment Profile ID"

Having trouble integrating the Edit Payment popup (and Edit Shipping Popup as well) with my test account.


I am properly getting a hosted token, and I know this because I see it and also when I attach to the button the openAddPaymentPopup() call, the popup comes up with the proper customer and the correct payment and shipping info.


However, when I call the function to edit a particular payment, I get the missing ID message in the popup.  I even hard coded a legit payment ID in the call, as shown here:


<button onclick="AuthorizeNetPopup.openEditShippingPopup('5032582')">Edit Payment Info</button>


The ID shown is an actual payment profile ID from the customer referenced, the same customer ID I used to get the token, which was successful.  I hard coded a legitimate payment profile ID to be sure the right thing was getting passed to the popup, but I always get the Missing ID message.


Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?  It makes no sense to me that calling Addpaymentpopup works fine for the customer in question but the Edit does nto work.  Is the documentation accurate?  Do I need to pass the customer ID as well as the payment profile ID?  I am following the sample code as well as the docs, so there does not seem to be any reason why it would not work.


Yes, it has to be a customer profile ID, since shipping addresses are associated with the customer and not just 1:1 to payment profiles.