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CardType not returned on live account

When I am using the test account, and I call the GetTransactionList function I am able to return the CardType, however when I am using live, and make this same call to the GetTransactionList function the CardType always comes back as nothing. 


Has anyone seen this, or better yet, where am I able to actually retrieve the CardType from the Transaction?


Ok, after deciding I would figure this out on my own, since your support is terrible, I have found a solution.  I am hoping it will work for any other unfortunate soul who has had to deal with the **edited**ty Customer Service there.


for .Net Framework:

Use the Debug version of the Authorizenet.DLL.  The size is 164 KB,  dated 04/26/2012. 


I find it completely laughable, and sad at the same time that I was directed to come to the forums, only to find that other people had the same issue.  Does your CSR in the office not know how to use the forums?  Better yet, do you all, as a company, not bother to read your own forums?  I was told that I had an issue with my code and that no one could help me. Yet I come here, and see this has been an issue for not just me, not just a couple people, but two pages worth of stuff showed up regarding the CardType search, and half of those were inquiring about the SAME ISSUE I was having. 


  Since I was crtiqued so eloquently about my code that had zero issues within what I had wrote, let me give you some advise.  The payment gateways for the live transactions versus test transactions should not act differently.  Who does that, really?!?  The ONE, and ONLY difference between the live, and the test sites should be that the bank does not get a posting.  EVERYTHING else should be the exact same.  Furthermore, you should decide to try and make sure you have full conformity. Example: using a Boolean value for live versus test when calling a gateway object versus using and servicemode.test for the reporting gateway objects.  To keep on the Boolean, versus servicemode thing, why allow a boolean value to be given for the reportinggateway object, yet never be usable?  The same goes for the ServiceMode in the Gateway object.  Let's not even get into the fact that you all leave stuff exposed that is never used.  Good going there. And the last thing, get some people who can actually provide some support, other than, the code is broke.


  I suggest the next time you decide to release several different versions of your product, they all actually work in the same manner.  Who releases stuff like this anymore?  This isn't the 80's.  There's a reason we have OOP in the world, and it's not to make people like me feel better about myself.


Now, even though your crap works, I suggest to anyone who manages to come across my post here to NOT use this product.  The Customer Service is crap.  The Company can't even release versions properly to the public.  And even when you are finished testing with the test site, you have to test your product live to make sure it will actually work.  Don't spend your effort working with their SDK, the effort would be better spent finding a better solution.