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ColdFusion AIM integration: upgrading from MD5 to SHA512?

Have an existing, working AIM integration program written in ColdFusion, but currently uses MD5 hash. Am having a hard time finding much in the way of sample ColdFusion code on the site to help in the migration to the SHA512 hash.


I've gone in the Sandbox and generated a Signature Key. Do I use that in any of the x_* fields I send TO I thought that it was to go in the x_trans_key field instead of the old Transaction Key. If I test using the original transaction Key in x_trans_key it works. If I do nothing more than put the new Signature Key into the x_trans_key field it says invalid login or password or transaction. I'm not getting any farther than that so not even to the part where I string together the Signature Key field and other 2 and convert it to the new hash.  Is the Signature Key ONLY for converting to the hash (with the other 2 fields) once I get the api response back and not needed anywhere in the data sent to them?


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