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Encrypted track data with mobile:

I got a call today from someone who has a bunch of encrypted swipers and wants to be able to integrate them using I realize that there's no interface for entering the decryption keys in - that's something that has to be negotiated between the device manufacturer and the merchant processor - but assuming that issue can be figured out, how does one go about passing the encrypted track data through This thread indicates that there's a way to do so via the SOAP and XML API's...


...but I can't seem to find documentation, and in any case the object is to do this via the mobile API's, preferably without having to cheat and use an intermediary web site. Has anyone integrated encrypted swipers / mobie, and if so, how do you go about doing it? The client is willing to pay a reasonable amount for your time, if necessary, and I can forward you if this is something you've already solved before. Short of that, a link to documentation explaining how to pass encrypted data will be much appreciated.


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