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Error 13 with older c# SDK and new sandbox account

The project we've started to work on refrences an older c# SDK from 2016.


The posting URL's are setup in DLL's metadata as such:

public const string LIVE_URL = "";
public const string TEST_URL = "";


Creating a new Gateway takes the following parameters:

public Gateway(string apiLogin, string transactionKey, bool testMode);


We've so far created a new Sandbox Account, updated the apiKey and TransactionKey to point to the sandbox account and run the transaction:


With testMode set to true

- works fine, no authentication error, but the Transaction id is 0 and never recorded to the sandbox account

It is my understanding that since I'm using a sandbox account there's no need to set the testMode to true, however, when setting the testMode to false we get and Error 13 which refers to invalid credentials.


Might it be that the older SDK is not compatible with the new sandbox account?




Hello @alexpana 


Have you tried using a more recent SDK version?



Administrator Administrator