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How does a day in the life of a .NET developer look like?

I'm a bachelor student with one year left, and I'm excited to get out there, start applying my skills and really start learning. Because of this, I'm wondering..

Are you employed as a .NET developer? How much, and what kind of, experience do you have? What is your education? Where do you work, what do you do there - and how do you feel about it? What is your pay?


Hello, I am sorry, I don't have enough information regarding this.


Hello, I ain't work as a .NET developer but one of my friends is works as a developer.  I will surely talk to him and ask if he knows your question answer. And if you need any help with choosing an essay writer online then I can recommend you to visit here in which you will find them easily with reviews which helps you more in trusting them.

Thank you for the recommendation

In fact, if you're an ordinary person, there's nothing like that going on with you. It's much worse if you have some kind of physical disability. I know a lot of developers who are deaf, for example, it's scary and hard to help those people and get everybody to respect them, hire them, and so on. I read a lot about this in Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World by Leah Cohen and I think everyone should read it here in detail. I hope I've been able to help you.