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How to modify amount before settling the transaction

Is there  is any way to before settling the transaction to modify the amount?(Without CIM method)


I am tried with below scenario using AIM Method:


first authorized 100$(not yet settled)

suppose i need to charge 20$ more


then i (void)  cancel the  100$  and i again i newlyauthorize 120$

In this case some trasnsaction fee there while Cancelling or voiding

without Transaction fee There is any way ?


For cancellation (void) time i dont want to loose any amount?

suppose I  voiding 100$ i will get 100$ without any transaction fee

Is it possible to do?


Pleasae Help Me!!!!!






Sorry, if you authorize and/or capture a transaction you're going to get charged a transaction fee. The person charged will get their $100 back when it's voided, but your account will still get the transaction fee deducted either way. There's no way around that unless you save their credit card information (which would have to be done VERY carefully) or use CIM to do the same thing on's end of things.