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Increase invoice num based on what already exists

How can I grab the last invoice number and then increase that by 1 number? Is this possible? I am using DPM/SIM with C# in Visual Studio.

5 REPLIES 5 don't generate invoice#, you pass it to them.


Hm okay. I just wonder how my program can generate the next number (ie if the last one was 1000, the next one should be 1001). There is no way to see what the last invoice number sent was? 

Is you system. You don't know what you send? You could hire some developers

Thanks. I will be developing myself. I am just wondering how I can pull the last entered invoicenum from Authorize.Net's API

Wouldn't you know the invoice since you pass it to don't keep track of your transaction.

You could use the api to loop thru all your unsettled transaction, althought it only return 1000

or if you saved your transactionID that return from you could use