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Is it possible for relay response to redirect to my site in the SIM method?

According to the documetion below


"Relay Response does not redirect the end user back to your server, but relays your specified Relay URL to the end user through our receipt page instead of displaying our default"


My question is, is it possible to change this behavior so that the user doesnt land in the ...transact.dll page but is redirected back to the application page? When a checkout error happens i want to redisplay the checkout form with error messages and not the receipt page that relay response site points to.


I appreciate any help!







Hi kofhearts,


The relay response does not redirect the user, they are still on the Authorize.Net website. The way it works, we just show them the content of the relay response page but they stay on our website so it shows Authorize.Net URL. Authorize.Net will always "relay" the content of your page to the customer. Our URL will always show in the page. We do not provide an option to leave them on the payment form if a transaction is processed. We only leave them on the payment form if an error prevents the transaction from being attempted.




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