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Is laravel a good choice as a mobile game API server?

We are making a small cross-platform game with the client apps being made with multiple tools (unreal engine, javascript, etc).

The user and server data would be stored and served from a database through an API (user credentials, session, items owned, also random enemy spawn would be also run on the main server side as a cron job.

Is laravel fast enough for this? Can it handle the periodic check from multiple users, for example to see if they actually have the resources neede to build something, or if the building time is actually over, etc? This would mean a server query every second from every online user.

Anyone have any experience with womething like this? We only did websites until now but want to try our luck with games as well. Is there a faster method? should we maybe insert a middleman between the client and the server, like a socket server?


I want know that this game API server is good for game tier list like Dragalia Lost tier list .


Is Laravel a good choice as a mobile game API server? I think it's possible because I think laravel has a lot of outstanding advantages, very good to use

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I think it's possible because it has a lot of outstanding features

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