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Multiple vendor with one specific shopping cart



What I would like to know is does have a solution for multiple vendor. To elaborate, I am building a website to host various restaurants. When a consumer purchases entrees from one restaurant, is it possible to set it up so that the funds go directly to each restaurant's account bypassing me completely.


Each restaurant is listed subdomain under the main domain like,, etc. Consumer will not order from multiple restaurants under one session. If does not have an API for this concept, what do most programmers do to facilitate this concept of ecommerce?  I hope my question is clear.


As long as each restaurant have their own mechant account, you can program the website to use the their LoginID/transactionKey depend on the subdomain.


Well... strictly speaking, just sits on top of the merchant account, it's just an interface layer between the merchant account and your web site. Each restaurant would need both its own merchant account and its own account, though's parent company Cybersource can also supply the merchant account (for an additional monthly fee, of course).