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Newbie trying to get Company info into

We have a web developer who is redoing our site and trying to get the Company name to process into It is a WordPress site and all we are doing is performing a basic CC payment transaction where we enter the Company name with all other fields but it is the only thing that does not show at The developer sent a snippet of the code that contains the issue.


add_filter( 'gform_authorizenet_transaction_pre_capture', function( $transaction, $form_data, $config, $form, $entry ) {

    if ( $form['id'] == 7 ) {

        $transaction->invoice_num = rgar( $entry, '3' );

$transaction->ship_to_company = rgar( $entry, '6' );



    return $transaction;

}, 10, 5 );


The problem is ship_to_company is not correct but we don't know what it should be! Thanks for any help..