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Share part of payment or generate additional transaction

Our company need to create an extension for a ecommerce system that allows users to sell third-party products on their site. They will get payments, but the parcel with products itself will ship from provider (provider has ecommerce site and uses as payment gateway). So the main problem is how to pay the provider in automatic way and avoid double fees? Can anybody give a piece of advice?


3 REPLIES 3 gateway only go to one merchant account.


If you need to split it, talk to your merchant bank, maybe they have some other service. Or might just have to send tthe provider a check/direct deposit.


Thank you for the reply.

Is it possbile to connect reseller site to the same merchant account as provider one? (and provider will share his profit via direct deposit, etc.) If yes, then what could be the limit for the number of site?



While you can use one account for mulitple sites, you can't share it with other company.

They either have to get their own account, or they have to sell it thru your site.