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So, I'm selling, on a single site, product from multiple vendors, each with their own account. If a customer buys four things, conceivably each will have their own account and each would be charged individually. I understand that requir...
This may be a business question, but I'm hoping there's a tech component. If I have multiple clients using my web site to collect money from their customers, is there a way/api for me to pay my clients the money I've collected on their behalf?
Apparently the customer has requested additional data that I didn't know they were requiring. With a valid card, I'm getting: "error": [{"errorCode": "33","errorText": "Bill To Address is required."},{"errorCode": "33","errorText": "Bill To City is r...
This is on the live site. Using Accept.js. The settings for requring ccv codes are confusing to me. I have what I believe are the default settings set in the merchange settings area. I.e, Decline if Card Code Value doesn't match. And yet, if I provid...
I'm working on an accept.js integration with my sandbox account. I got the web side to return the transaction code. At this point, the response is literally from the sample code provided. function useOpaqueData(responseData) { // This is where you wo...
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