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I'm currently logged into my account but I can't remember what the password I used was. My browser remembers it but I can't log into the account from other places. if I click on the Change Password button (whilst logged in) it requires me to enter th...
I apologise if this question has been answered somewhere; I haven't found the answer. I need an RTN (routing number) and bank account number that I can use for testing. I've tried entering just any number but the charges get declined. I was sent an e...
I'm integrating CIM into an MVC3 app. I've added a service reference using the development url and coded the following: public long x() { var u = this.User.Identity as IClaimsIdentity; var id = u.Claims.First(x => x.ClaimType == ClaimTypes.NameIdenti...
I was sent a "Payment Gateway ID" by mail, which I gather is what is required to log into the sandbox. the password (I assume) is the password for the same account I'm using to type this SOS. however, when I try to log into https://sandbox.authorize....
I've read through a bunch of documentation but my particular use case is not clearly addressed. I want to allow my customers to fill out a form such that I may automatically debit their bank accounts on a monthly basis for a set amount. I understand ...
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