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Status: Accepted

There should be a way to retrieve transaction details by their invoice number. If there is a network failure the only identifying information we have is the invoice number (not the generated transaction id).


Using the getUnsettledTransactionListRequest call is a bad choose since it only returns the last 1000 records.


I want to make payments and want to get the customer cridit card number that is stored in authorized i got it through getCustomerProfileReques and it is in XXX1111 format i want to unmask and need to get original cridit card number is there is any method that can help me

Status changed to: Under Review
Administrator Administrator

This is report that's really needed in order not double charge our customers when a timeout occurs. My process will be to check if my invoice was processed before I process the order. If I find a match I would then check if my Amount matches the Amount in Authorize.Net I would complete my order without charging the customer for a second time.


We don't need to search for both at the same time as the amount can changed by adding additional products to the order.


It would be preferred that the search be on all transactions and not settled or unsettled orders.




Status changed to: Accepted
Administrator Administrator

Changing to Accepted, also it is now possible to return more than 1000 rows using paging.

Is there an estimate to when this feature will be available? I'm excited to be able to search for a transaction by invoice number in cases where we might not have a transaction ID.

Will we be able to do a search through the API for previous transactions using the Merchant's Customer ID like we can do if we go to, login and perform a search? That is super important. 


If I walk back through each batch one at a time, I can figure this info out but that is a lot of data moving. It would be a lot easier if we could just pass the merchant customer id (or last name or other search filters) and get a transaction summary list. 


Our company also needs an efficient way to get a transacation by Invoice Number via API.   This is really the same functionality that is avaialble in the Transaction Search area when logging into, but we would prefer to provide that functionality from within our application.


What is the status of this request?  I see that this was accepted back in February.  Perhaps there is someplace else I should be looking for a timeline or roadmap of accepted enhancements.  If someone could point me there I would really appreciate it.





I too badly need such a functionality.


I thought of an alternate way this could be achieved and have added an idea here:


Can someone please comment on the status?




Our app server machine locked up in the middle of processing our payment batch twice this week.

Both times, we had an incomplete transaction record in our system where we knew the invoice number on our side, but not whether the transaction had processed on the side.


We would like to be able to search by invoice number so we can detect if the payment was processed by without human intervention.  Having to check every transaction in a time range will be slow, network-intensive, and inefficient.



What does "Status Accepted" mean?  This was accepted more than a year ago and there has been no update from Authorize.


According to the documentation "getTransactionDetailsRequest" accepts either refId or transId.  Neither is listed as required so I assume we can provider either one.


The value of "refId" in the data is the same as the Invoice Number that we pass.   When making the api call with only refId it returns an error indicating the transId has not been included.


What I really need is a solution, or at a minimum a recommended approach.  I don't want to abuse the system by making multiple calls and bringing back large collections.  How are others handling this?  What is the recommendation from Authorize?