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Authorize.Net provides the developer sandbox to help you get your integration ready. Create your free sandbox account with your own login ID and password.


You can access the sandbox Merchant Interface at  using the Login ID and Password you created. If you forgot your Login ID or Password, you can use the links located on the login page to request that information. 


What are the limitations the sandbox?

  • The Merchant Profile section is not available in the sandbox.
  • Quickbooks Download and Sync for Quickooks are not available.
  • Testing refunds on eCheck.Net transactions will not work because eCheck.Net settlement is not simulated in the sandbox.
  • VPOS is not available in the sandbox.

What is the answer for my secret question ‘What is your pet’s name?’

  • The default secret answer for all test accounts is "Simon". 

What are the card types enabled in the sandbox?

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are enabled by default.

Can I test refunds in the sandbox?

  • Yes, you can process normal refunds and also submit unlinked refunds in the sandbox using Expanded Credit Capabilities (ECC). ECC allows you to issue refunds on transactions more than 120 days old, and issue refunds for transactions that were not processed through your Authorize.Net account. It is enabled automatically in the sandbox. ECC is a free feature, but please note that for production accounts, ECC is subject to approval. The account owner or administrator will need to fill out a form to enable this service.

What are the Value Added Services (VAS) I can test in the sandbox?

  • All VAS are enabled on a Card Not Present (CNP) test account which includes Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS), Automated Recurring Billing (ARB), eCheck.Net and Customer Information Manager (CIM). 

Is eCheck.Net enabled or do I need to apply for it?

  • Yes, it is enabled by default, but with low volume limits. The monthly volume limit is $5000 while the maximum transaction size is $100.  Transactions larger than these amounts always return straight decline.You can request raising these limits.

What are the enabled eCheck.Net transaction types in the sandbox?

  • The following eCheck.Net types are enabled: PPD, WEB and CCD. You will need to send an email request to enable TEL, ARC and BOC. Please see the eCheck.Net User Guide or our Glossary  for more info on these transaction types.

Where can I get test bank account numbers to charge an eCheck.Net transaction?

  • We do not have any eCheck.Net test numbers to use for testing. Instead you should use any bank’s valid routing number and then random, fake numbers for the account number.

Can you refund an eCheck.Net transaction in the sandbox?

  • eCheck.Net transactions do not settle in the sandbox. This means that it is not possible to submit refund (x_type=credit) eCheck.Net transactions in the sandbox.

Do I have to request automatic settlement or request to have the ability to refund a transaction on my test account?

  • Settlement is automatic and happens once a day at the Transaction Cut-Off Time configured in the sandbox merchant interface.  You can change this within the sandbox merchant interface by editing the Transaction Cut-Off Time settings under the Account section.

If I need to change or update anything on my sandbox account, who do I contact?

Administrator Administrator