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Today we’re announcing the second module for the Authorize.Net Accept suite of tools: Authorize.Net Accept.js.


This new module makes it easier to integrate payments into applications while helping to reduce PCI DSS scope. With Accept.js, developers have control over the user experience without sending PCI data through their servers. One of the top-requested features in our developer community, Accept.js replaces Direct Post Method (DPM) with a modern implementation that doesn’t require a post-back. Accept.js can be used like any other payment type in the Authorize.Net API.


If you currently use the Authorize.Net API to process payment transactions, the integration should be the same, with only one additional step: before you POST the order/payment details to your server, you make a call to the Accept library and pass the resulting data to your server in place of any credit card details.


See our Sample Application on GitHub for a full working example.


Learn more about Accept.js by visiting the Authorize.Net Accept.js feature page.

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