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Today we are announcing the release of the first module in a new suite of tools called Authorize.Net Accept designed to help reduce PCI scope while helping provide developers with control over the user and transaction experience. In the coming months Authorize.Net will be releasing five unique Accept modules including today's release, Accept Customer.


The Accept Customer module is a mobile-optimized, PCI DSS SAQ-A compliant solution for managing customer payment and shipping information that serves as a drop-in replacement for current CIM hosted forms. Accept Customer allows you the freedom to include card-on-file capabilities while helping reduce PCI scope, using a separate pop-up window or embedded form on your website.


The mobile-optimized forms allow consumers to manage their customer profiles on any device—mobile, tablet or desktop—without any changes to your existing code. In addition, we’ve added a number of features to reduce friction throughout the check out process:


  • Each field includes a label as well as a visual hint within the field for what value should be entered, making it easier for customers to enter the correct information.
  • The card number field automatically displays the appropriate brand logo and provides instant feedback for card number typos.
  • Users automatically move to the next field after a valid entry for the card number, expiration date and card code fields.
  • Entering a valid U.S. postal code will auto-populate the city and state.

Additionally, there are new configuration options to manage and add/edit payment forms:


  • The manage form can be used for managing payment and shipping information independently or together
  • The add/edit payment form can be configured to capture either credit card or bank account information only, or use the default behavior of capturing both payment and billing address information.

The new pages can be accessed at the new Accept Customer URLs. For example, to use the add payment form, use the following:


For a complete list of Accept Customer URLs, please visit the Customer Profiles section of the API Reference.


Our new Authorize.Net Accept sample application on github, is a responsive web application, that provides examples of how to present the form in different modes; lightbox, iframe and standard redirect


Special thanks to community members @whitsell1, @thibbard and @vdperov and many others who contributed product ideas and community posts for this enhancement.

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