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CIM Profile Creation Enhancements

Today we are announcing the availability of two API calls for creating customer profiles with Customer Information Manager (CIM). Now you can create profiles from previous transactions, or create a profile when creating a transaction, helping to improve the customer experience within your solutions.


NEW API CALL: CreateCustomerProfileFromTransaction


The CreateCustomerProfileFromTransaction call enables you to create a payment and shipping profile using the transaction ID of a previous payment. This is especially helpful for creating profiles for existing customers who don’t currently have a stored CIM profile. 


Try it out now at


IMPROVED API CALL: createTransactionRequest


For new transactions, if you pass the createProfile flag in the createTransactionRequest for AIM, you can both process a payment and create a payment and shipping  profile in a single API call. This extends the functionality previously released making it possible to use a payment profile as a payment type with createTransactionRequest instead of a card number or track data. 


Our Getting Started Guides and API Reference Guide ( have been updated with these enhancements.  Our SDKs will be updated in a few weeks as well.

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