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New Member

Transaction Error

i am tryin to run a test transaction but i get an error - "ESYSTEM - The following property is either invalid or missing: merchant_category_code, usd_outlet_id, usd_terminal_id", and when i choose the card present option it does not give me the optio...

New Member

Directly transfer payments to vendors

Hey, Is it possible to directly transfer the payments to user accounts. I have an invoicing platform where users can create invoices to receive and I want that whenever an invoice is paid, the payment should directly move to that user's bank account....

New Member

EMV - Executing a refund

Hey - working with EMV payments. We have successfully taking payments with our Augusta reader and had no issue voiding them.However attempting to refund an EMV payment results in no response being returned. Normally the CC last 4 are sent - of course...

Dynamically loading tags.js

Hi there! I am evaluating Digital Fingerprinting and I was wondering if dynamically loading the JS library was viable and if there were any caveats I should be aware of. Thanks in advance!

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