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Hello,I'm getting a code. for example 99 and have no website developer. Can anyone assist with walking me through this?

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New development project - question

I’m developing a new payment portal for the City of Las Vegas. We are planning to use your Accept Hosting to display an iFrame.I am the web developer. I’m using the sdk for .net. The response object returned in the sdk call only contain...


Apple Pay CyberSource Issue

Im integrating the cybersource Magento 2 Module for Apple pay I have created all the certificates and domain registration etc as mention in the document below https://co...


generate SHA-256 digest

Can anyone assist me with sample code in Elixir to generate the signature and the digest headers?Sample payload as generated from the Cybersource simulator:%{clientReferenceInformation: %{code: "cybs_test",partner: %{developerId: "7891234",solutionId...

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