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Transaction Error

i am tryin to run a test transaction but i get an error - "ESYSTEM - The following property is either invalid or missing: merchant_category_code, usd_outlet_id, usd_terminal_id", and when i choose the card present option it does not give me the optio...

Dynamically loading tags.js

Hi there! I am evaluating Digital Fingerprinting and I was wondering if dynamically loading the JS library was viable and if there were any caveats I should be aware of. Thanks in advance!

New Member

APCU Mandatory?

I wondered if the use of APCU is mandatory in regards payment using hosted fields? I ask as my host (siteground) does not support APCU on its services (it only uses opCache) but, regardless, sandbox payments seem to work fine. I'm just concered if th...

Authentication Reversal is returning Resource Not Found Solved

Hi,I'm trying to call the REST API to reverse authentication and it's returning 404 - Resource Not Found. I tested same payload on postman and it seems to be working fine. Does anyone ever seem this issue before ?Thanks,Mariana


Do we have TMS API error code specification?

Hi, All:I am new to TMS API and looking for the comprehensive error code specification. Can you help me on that? What I can find is, for example, "Creating an Instrument Identifier"


Fetching Order/transactions details for failed transactions

Hi Cybersource team,Is there an API to fetch all the details for a failed transaction.We noticed in our sbox testing that for failed transactions, the transaction details API doesnt contain Amount, Currency and payment method details and its a pretty...


SOAP and Fluid Token vs mandatory CC/PAN fields Solved

Hi all - this one is doing my head in so would appreciate some pointers. Here is the short version:1. Wanting to submit a simple sale/payment via a web app using Google Pay (and eventually Apple Pay)2. Have generated the Google Pay token OK, converte...

Flex Microform Field Load

I have the following code:const microform = new Flex(this.captureContext).microform({ styles: this.myStyles }) const securityCodeField = this.microform?.createField('securityCode', { placeholder: '•••' }) securityCodeField?.load('#securityCode-contai...

Pre-request Script error

Hi,I've downloaded the REST API collection to my Postman for testing. Upon submitting any of the requests, I encountered the following error:There was an error in evaluating the Pre-request Script:TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (readi...


Invalid Formatted Message Invalid Formatted Message

Below Payload i am using API => the error in the consumerAuthenticationInformation Section"directoryServerErrorCode": "101","directoryServerErrorDescription": "Invalid Formatted Message I...

Flex Microform iframe error

I'm able create the microform fields, but when I try to call the load function on these fields, I'm getting the error shown in the pictures below. I'm using the same code as the examples provided. The fields appear and iframe is loaded but I can't ed...

error 102

how to fix invalid or missing



What are some best practices for securing a REST API in today's cybersecurity landscape?


Getting 406 Error during HTTP POST API Call

We have been using the same API Calls for 7 years without issue. Over this past week, we started to get 406 errors. See below. Please let me know if you have any suggestions: * About to connect() to port 443 (#0)* Trying 198.241....

Receiving JWE error on Format

The process of obtaining the authorization token requires several steps of decoding, encoding, decrypting, and encrypting data. At the end you have a JWE (JSON Web Encryption) object you submit to Cybersource and they return the token we will use lat...


Cybersource cardinal commerce error

I am implementing REST API with node/express.js that uses 3DS authenticationI am able to generate the acsUrl and PaReq just fine (for enrolled cards). When I pass the acsUrl in form action and the PaReq, MD and TermUrl in the form, the 3DS windows sh...

New to Cybersource!

Hello Cybersource Community! Thrilled to join this dynamic space. I'm John, and I've come with a background in configuring network and IT infrastructures. What drew me here is my keen interest in exploring the nuances of online security and digital p...

New Member Here - Any Tips for Getting Started?

Hey everyone I'm Danny Cavill. I'm new, to the world of development. Are there any developers here? As a beginner I would really appreciate your advice and tips. I'm extremely excited to dive into this community and learn from all of you! I'm eager t...

Credit Card and CVV fields are type="tel"

I understand that type="tel" provides a numeric keypad for mobile users, but it also breaks accessibility and does not accurately describe what is being inputted into the field.A vision impaired user will hear "Input telephone number" on the credit c...