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Create Payment Profile from transaction

I have a form to client my client's credit card information which includes a "Save Card" option for future purchases. When creating the transaction, I am using the createProfile option in the createTransactionRequest to create the Customer and Paymen...

Credit card authorization error on Sandbox Account

Hi,I'm getting the following error whenever I try and make a credit card authorization on my sandbox account."The following property is either invalid or missing: merchant_category_code, usd_outlet_id, usd_terminal_id"It seems to be the same problem ...

HTTP Signature - Authentication Failed

Hello Community - I am wondering is there are any logs or anything I can look at to why my Authentication Failed? I am getting this response below...{"response":{"rmsg":"Authentication Failed"}}My calls from postman are working and redoing all of the...

Cancelling/refund a transaction using CyberSource API in .NET

I am using the CyberSource API for Payment Gateway. I went through all the documentations that are available and came up with the following code:First I added the service reference to CyberSource using url

CyberSource card number encryption (RSA-OAEP-256)

Is there anyone know here how do I encrypt card number in cybersource?i tried to encrypt mine using online RSAOAEP encryption tool but i got this response{ "responseStatus": { "status": 400, "reason": "DECRYPTION_ERROR", "message": "Cannot decrypt PA...

Certificate signature validation failed

My company runs an old application built in ColdFusion MX7.0.2, running Java 1.4.2. I can't upgrade ColdFusion because CyberSource doesn't support anything higher than MX7.When calling the CyberSource Simple Order API ( new key failure

All new keys created in result in failure response:{ "response": { "rmsg": "Authentication Failed" } }Reproduction Steps:Create new Cybersource Test Account here:

Token validation failed Visa X-pay

I need to tweak an API /echatspin /echatrandom {apikey} I am imitating the official document X-Pay Token,but it fail with "Token validation failed" error. { "responseStatus": { "s...

Config Apple Pay on Free Sandbox

According to the guild in this link: Apple Pay ( should be able to config Apple Pay in my Business CenterPayment Configuration > Digital Payment Solutions > Apple Pay and enable Apple PayBut I couldn't find it anywhere.Please tell me...

CyberSource Setup in NetSuite

Trying to get our CyberSource Secure Acceptance payment solution set up in our NetSuite environment. Having issues with getting good direction from the NetSuite Team on how to setup everything to process credit card transaction in SCA and the ERP sys...

Cybersource Payment Gateway set multiple redirect url

I am having issues with cybersource payment. I am using omnipay for cybersource. The issue is that my site has multiple locations where payments are collected like while adding credit in the account there is a separate url, while registration page is...

Cybersource Instrument Identifier vs Payment Instrument tokens

I'm currently looking into Cybersource's REST API for the tokenization of cards.Reference:, I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around the following and co...

Error while using SOAP API of cybersource

I am trying to use SOAP based Cybersource payment gateway service. Currently I am trying to use Test environment that Cybersource provides for testing sample test credit card transactions.Created a project in SOAP UI using the WSDL : https://ics2wste...

How to log in to business center Solved

Hi,After trying several times and never getting a confirmation email, I have now managed to set up a sandbox test account for the business center. However, the email I received as confirmation lists my Account Id and Merchant Id but does not tell me ...

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Error message for Payment to Qatar 2022 Accommodations

I keep getting “Sorry an error has occurred “ then “Decision is Reject” when trying to pay for accommodations in Qatar for World Cup. Room shows available, all pertinent information is filled out, payment is processed and authorized by my bank, but i...

What is the CyberSource Purpose???

Hello, Cybersource offers a complete portfolio of services that simplify and automate payment operations, including payment processing.

What are the possible Void Payment response statuses?

The api documentation for voiding a Payment has the possible status values as 'VOIDED':statusType stringThe status of the submitted transaction.Possible values:VOIDEDWhen I use the Request: Live Console to test voiding a Payment I receive 'REVERSED' ...