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Collect Credit card information

We are using Create Customer Profile API to collect credit card details from users via our portal, which is stored in enhance security, we wish not to use our portal for collecting the credit card details.We want to just collecting t...

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Issue with Integrating Cybersource API on My Website

Hi Cybersource Community,I'm facing issues integrating the Cybersource API on my site, minimilitiamodapk. Specifically, I encounter intermittent "401 Unauthorized" and "500 Internal Server Error" messages during payment processing. Additionally, the ...

Git for CyberSource.Authentication for .Net Framework

I need to be able to build and sign for strong named assembly cybersource-rest-client-dotnet.dll and AuthenticationSdk.dll as my ERP application is strongly signed and all DLLs referenced must also be strongly signed.I am able to find the Git reposit...

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Secure Acceptance refund API/ solution

Hello,Is there possibility to somehow implement refunds on Secure Acceptance Hosted Checkout? I wrote to the support and they said that there is no API for it but also recommend to reach the developer community. This is the last step of my integratio...

Decision Manager

Is there a way to be notified by the API when a transaction previously blocked with the AUTHORIZED_PENDING_REVIEW status is accepted after manual review in the fraud management system? Which API endpoint should I use? I have checked the transaction d...

Unified Checkout: Capture Context API 400 Bad Request

Hello,We are looking to build an integration using Unified Checkout with C# .NET. We have hit a bit of snag with the CaptureContext. When we make a request to the CaptureContext API we are receiving a 400 Bad Request response. We can't identify which...

SFCC - Payment methods, Apple, Google Pay, PayPal

Currently I am using REST Cartridge i.e.cybersource-plugins-rest-salesforceb2ccommerce with SFRA. But my requirement is to add the PayPal with it, and I am not able to find that inside the current cartridge or also on the documentation. How can I ena...

Void Rest API

Good day, guys!I would like to ask where I can get an explanation of the response values for "void." I see there are three possible values: voided, cancelled, and failed. However, the documentation doesn't clarify the difference between cancelled and...

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Troubleshooting payment transaction errors.

Could anyone provide guidance on troubleshooting payment transaction errors with CyberSource? I'm encountering issues and need assistance understanding common errors and effective solutions. Any tips or resources would be greatly appreciated!"

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Error on Report Download API

Hi,I found error on CyberSource.Api.ReportDownloadAPI- DownloadReportAsyncWithHttpInfo. I'm using package CyberSource.Rest.Client.NetStandard. Whenever I call that method with all required and valid configurations, i got error "An item with the same ...

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Developer Assistance

Is there an experienced CyberSource developer who could help me plug in cybersource to my booking system?Happy to pay reasonable charges

authorization error on Sandbox Account - SFCC - KCP Cybersource - Korea Region.

Hi, I am getting Cybersource Reason Code - 0, Cybersource Decision - ERROR, while Placing order on Return it throws error message. error message "죄송합니다, 오류가 생겼습니다. 다른 결제수단을 사용하거나 고객센터로 연락주세요"Sorry, an error occurred. Please use another payment method...

SFCC Payment Errors

We are on Salesforce Commerce Cloud using Cybersource cartridge and seeing a lot of failed payments along with Discover cards not being accepted.Looked at failed payments and not see any obvious reasons, payments are authenticated but not settled, ve...


"What are the key security features offered by CyberSource to protect online transactions?

Issues with Cybersource Secure Acceptance Payment Integration

Description:I am experiencing issues with the Cybersource Secure Acceptance payment integration. Despite following the documentation and generating the required parameters and signature, I consistently encounter session timeouts and timestamp mismatc...

Flex Microform Field Load

"const microform = new Flex(this.captureContext).microform({ styles: this.myStyles }) const securityCodeField = this.microform?.createField('securityCode', { placeholder: '•••' }) securityCodeField?.load('#securityCode-container')"it load the securit...

Getting error in lower org

In the project we implemented the test flex microform for CyberSource in higher org it's properly load card number and security code filed but in lower environment getting CSP violation (error: Refused to frame '' bec...

Transaction Error

i am tryin to run a test transaction but i get an error - "ESYSTEM - The following property is either invalid or missing: merchant_category_code, usd_outlet_id, usd_terminal_id", and when i choose the card present option it does not give me the optio...

Dynamically loading tags.js

Hi there! I am evaluating Digital Fingerprinting and I was wondering if dynamically loading the JS library was viable and if there were any caveats I should be aware of. Thanks in advance!

APCU Mandatory?

I wondered if the use of APCU is mandatory in regards payment using hosted fields? I ask as my host (siteground) does not support APCU on its services (it only uses opCache) but, regardless, sandbox payments seem to work fine. I'm just concered if th...

Authentication Reversal is returning Resource Not Found Solved

Hi,I'm trying to call the REST API to reverse authentication and it's returning 404 - Resource Not Found. I tested same payload on postman and it seems to be working fine. Does anyone ever seem this issue before ?Thanks,Mariana


Do we have TMS API error code specification?

Hi, All:I am new to TMS API and looking for the comprehensive error code specification. Can you help me on that? What I can find is, for example, "Creating an Instrument Identifier"


Fetching Order/transactions details for failed transactions

Hi Cybersource team,Is there an API to fetch all the details for a failed transaction.We noticed in our sbox testing that for failed transactions, the transaction details API doesnt contain Amount, Currency and payment method details and its a pretty...


SOAP and Fluid Token vs mandatory CC/PAN fields Solved

Hi all - this one is doing my head in so would appreciate some pointers. Here is the short version:1. Wanting to submit a simple sale/payment via a web app using Google Pay (and eventually Apple Pay)2. Have generated the Google Pay token OK, converte...