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Reduce Muscle pain with Prosoma 500mg

Carisoprodol, a muscle relaxant used to treat muscular spasms and pain, is the active ingredient of a medicine marketed under the brand name Prosoma 500. By blocking the nerve impulses that carry pain to the brain, the affected area feels less discom...

cyber source integration with googlepay

currently, I am having token provided by GooglePay in base64 encoded and I am hitting the API of "Authorize Google Pay (CyberSource Decryption)" using the token and then hitting capture payment API "Capture Payment API" These APIs are from the offici...

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Project Manager question

Hi there- I'm a PM but trying to answer a Developer's question. We have set API to Cybersource making an assumption based on early design sessions:We hardcoded into the API code to CyberSource with the address to our company Headquarters but CyberSou...