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$0 Authorization to receive a token

I have a customer who needs to do a $0 auth on his website, and receive back a token he can use to charge the card later, when the order ships. Does this require customer profiles? If not, at a high level, how would I do it?

In case it matters, I will not be using an SDK as this would be done with an uncommon programming language.

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I'm not sure this is the best answer. The documentation says it requires an amount in the initial call: 


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David, thanks for the reply. I see that the value is required, but I do not get back an error if the value equals zero. Nor does the documentation say that it must be a positive amount. 

However, I am unsure if any of the response values is actually a token that can be used for the subsequent charge.

I thought at first it might be the transaction ID, but now I don't think it can be used for subsequent charges (tokenized or reference transactions, if such a thing exists with Its description is:

"Use this value to reference at a later time the transaction generated by this API call. You may need the transaction ID for follow-on transactions such as credits, voids, and captures of unsettled transactions, as well as for reporting calls." It doesn't mentioned additional charges, but my case is also an uncommon one.


annaharrow thank you. Which of the returned fields from the authorization call references the token? None of them are defined with the word "token" so I'm not sure if something like refid or transid is the token.