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3Ds implementation


I have been using hosted checkout for my web app. I would like to use 3ds authentication in my app. After I have checked payer authentication in Payment Settings. I have got the following errors ( Please verify your information ). Could you share me recommended docs or code for me. Or which fields do I need to send to

"" API. Current fields I have been using are
fields["profile_id"] = "kkdkdldljkiod......."
fields["access_key] = "ssssssssssssss"
fields['amount'] = '713'
fields['transaction_uuid'] = transaction_uuid
fields['bill_to_forename'] = 'aung'
fields['bill_to_surname'] = "aung"
fields['bill_to_email'] = ""
fields['payer_ authentication_ whitelisted'] = True
fields["payer_ authentication_ challenge_code"] = "04"

fields['locale'] = 'en-us'
fields['currency'] = 'sgd'
fields['transaction_type'] = 'sale'
fields['reference_number'] = 2555004656816356
fields['credential_stored_on_file'] = True