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AIM and SIM API's begin deprecated and Account Portal questions



My customer currently leverages the AIM API on their website to process transactions. Because the AIM and SIM API is now deprecated and it is advised to migrate, I'm going to be investigating leveraging the "Accept.js" API in order to leverage current supported API's on their website.

My questions mainly involve the clients portal and if they need to adjust anything in their portal account or merchant account to be able to transact using the new API's. If there are any specific steps that need to be taken to enable the new API's, and switch from the AIM/SIM API on the clients portal to the new API, it would be great to get some confirmation of that.

I need to contact my client and inform them that we will be needing to leverage the new API's sooner then later and when I do I would like to also be able to direct them if we will need to adjust anything in their portal online to complete the change.

Hopefully someone has some answers on this. Thanks in advance!





I have same issue and am wondering if there is any timeline guidance as to when support will cease for AIM/SIM?


I would take the following approach- forget the timeline and get on modern API integration methods ASAP. I would be starting today.

A Public Client Key will need to be generated for the merchant's account if one has not yet been. How to do it is described here: