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API Authorize and Capture

Hello Experts,

I am working on the Authorize and Capture method in VisualC# utilizing the Authorize.Net DLL and i am able to successfully send CC transactions to sandbox (for now).  However, i am unable to trigger the email customer receipt that you usually can enable when creating transactions directly from sandbox (if Email customer Receipt is enabled).

Do you think there's a method in that we can call or a property we can set to auto send this?  I thought perhaps by adding a value onto the Billing (as well as Shipping) customerAddressType property class, this can happen but to no avail.  See below code.


var billingAddress = new customerAddressType
address = billaddress,
city = billingcity,
zip = billingzip,
company = billingcompany,
country = billingcountry,
state = billingstate,
email = billingemail,
firstName = billingfirstname
var shippingaddress = new customerAddressType
address = shipaddress,
city = shippingcity,
zip = shippingzip,
company = shippingcompany,
country = shippingcountry,
state = shippingstate,
email = billingemail,
firstName = shippingfirstname


//standard api call to retrieve response
var paymentType = new paymentType { Item = creditCard };


var transactionRequest = new transactionRequestType
transactionType = transactionTypeEnum.authCaptureTransaction.ToString(), // charge the card

amount = amount,
payment = paymentType,
billTo = billingAddress,
terminalNumber = terminal_number,
shipTo = shippingaddress,
customer = getcustomer,
order = OrderInfo
//lineItems = lineItems //use this only if we want to include line items

var request = new createTransactionRequest { transactionRequest = transactionRequest };

// instantiate the controller that will call the service
var controller = new createTransactionController(request);