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ARB Payment Webhooks


Question 1: If  I create ARB subscription on Sep 20,2022 with 1 month of interval then when next payment will be processed? Will it be on Oct 1,2022 or Oct 20,2022?

Question 2: How can I get notified that first payment for ARB is failed or succeded.

Question 3: Suppose, my first payment for ARB is succeded say T1 and then second payment is also succeded say T2 but next payment say T3 is failed, is there any way to retry that payment?

Question 4: Let's say T3 is failed and then again next payment T4 is also failed then will subscription go to "terminated" state?

Question 5: Which webhooks should I listen to for scheduled payment status wither success or failed?

Question 6: Can someone give me list of all webhooks events to be added to completely be aware about each & every transaction status of subscription starting from first payment status to all consecutive payment's status?

Question 7: If I am not wrong then silent POST notifications are replaced by webhooks now, right?
Any Help is much appreciated!
Thank You!



@Anurag@RichardH Please help me in this.