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ARB Processing XML Files for successes or failures

Hello, I currently have ARB setup for my account and have no problems with executing the ARB Create Subscription and receiving Subscription ID from  But, when a recurring billing transaction is executed, I receive no XML file from regarding the transaction information, success or failure, etc.  How can I setup my account to send me information every time an automatic recurring billing charge is executed against a subscription ID? Also, how can I receive automatic authorization responses to notify me if full amount was successfully authorized and transacted to my account by


The second question that I have is where can I change how many times ARB will attempt to charge a card within the recurring billing process if the initial recurring bill to credit card  transaction fails.?  I would like to attempt to charge card 3 times over a 30 day period (once every 10 days) and then cancel subscription if all 3 attempts fail.


Please advise.






1)Use can use silent post or Transaction Details API


2)There isn't a settings. It would only do it one, if you need more control, use CIM and schedule it yourself.