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ARB Status Question

Hello All,


I have successfully setup a subscription website were visitor can subscribe to a service and be billed monthly for it. However, is there a way that I can automate the process from that point on. For example I wrote a script to check the status of a subscription and it came back Successful I00001 but the subscription I checked was Suspended!! So why would that come back as successfull when it wasn't. So is there a way that I can create a script that could go out every night and check all the members to see if any have been declined? If so do you have a sample XML snippet I could use?




Frank G.


I could really use some help here.... Can anyone help guide me were to go please?


In a nut shell what I am looking to do it this...


I already have a script in Classic ASP creating successfull ARB subscriptions. However when I use the ARB Sample script to check the status of a subscription it comes back Successfull but the subscription has been suspended for a couple days. Why is it coming back successful? And how do I tell if the subscription is Suspended?


Please help!!






As stated in the pdf at

The Successful just indicate the request process successfully.

The field you should be looking for in "Status" and not the "code" and "text".