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ARB Subscription Webhook Payload


I would like to test the webhook on Recurring Payment (Not when setup, but when the transaction is made, ie: 1 months time).

Is it safe to assume that the event type is net.authorize.payment.authcapture.created.

If this is the case it seems like no actual useful data is sent from Authorize, its just internal data. They do not seem to send the profile ID or anything, is this the case?

            "notificationId": "10760e7d-afce-4f95-9772-43ada4f19cee",
            "eventType": "net.authorize.payment.authcapture.created",
            "eventDate": "2023-12-15T03:27:29.344375Z",
            "webhookId": "bedfdb50-f7c7-49f6-8ebb-b593ca776164",
            "payload": {
                "responseCode": 21,
                "authCode": "572",
                "avsResponse": "M",
                "authAmount": 12.5,
                "entityName": "transaction",
                "id": "245"

After some reading around someone suggests that a transaction callback from a ARB payment will contain the `subscriptionId` but no mention of this exists in the documentation so can someone please confirm ? (also someone might want to update docs if this is the case).

If this is the case then its as simple as me cross referencing the incoming event "authcapture.created" with the subscriptionId`.



Both these links below suggest that it does contain subscription ID, support chat had no clue at all and kept sending me a link to the webhook docs page and email support are worse they keep passing me around back and forwards no one can or wants to answer.