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ARB Transaction Retrieved via Webhooks, but no Subscription data

My issue is similiar to -, which I don't believe was answered. 


A general workflow for our renewal process is such: 


  1. AuthCapture webhook recieves payment payload from authnet, which includes transaction id
  2. I then take this transactionId and retrieve transaction details object using getTransactionDetailsRequest and getTransactionDetailsController
  3. if the transaction details response object has subscription data attached, process the next recurring order


The problem I am having is that there are a few transactions coming through, which I can verify as  valid, active, subscriptions, that have no subscription data attached in the getTransactionDetailsResponse object. 


I tried re-running a few transactionids that failed to include subscription data during settlement time, later on in the day, and I was able to get back a getTransactionDetailsResponse object with the correct subscription data attached. 


The only thing I can think of doing here is adding retry logic, where if transaction does not have a subscription attached, re-ping the transaction details api a few times and make sure.


However, this infrequnecy is not really acceptable, and I end up dealing with customers that dont have their orders fulfilled because of this. I need to get this resolved asap. If there are any more details needed from me, please let me know, happy to provide.