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ARBGetSubscriptionRequest does not have a response for Apply Pay subscriptions

I am currently developing a subscription-based web application and would like to integrate Apple Pay. I was able to obtain an Apple payment token and create a subscription with it by setting the opaque data fields for the payment method. I confirmed that the subscription was successfully created and that the "ARBGetSubscriptionStatusRequest" method returns an "active" status. However, when I tried to request my subscription details from Authorize.Net using the "ARBGetSubscriptionRequest" request, I received no responses. I was able to get subscription details using the same method for subscriptions made with the credit card payment method.

I've tried using the API live console provided on the documentation site ( and it's also showing an empty response with the following error displayed on the console:

"Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at fnWhenDone (api.js:60:149) at xmlhttp.onreadystatechange (api.js:45:17)"

Is this an existing bug with the request, or does the request not support subscriptions created with Apple Pay? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.