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Ability to edit iFrame lightbox button and text colors (Important feature request)

I am writing today to add this as an important feature request. 

- Can you create a setting in the gateway admin area where we can tweak the colors/fonts in the lightbox overlay? We are asking for simple, basic control over the header font color and the submit button color.


We have a sandbox acount to do testing. We are using the WordPress plugin in our WooCommerce build on WordPress. To keep our PCI rating at SAQ-A  the plugin uses your lightbox built from accept.js code. But that entire lightbox is in an iFrame coming from your
domain. Because of cross-domain security, we can't change the button color with JS/CSS hosted on our domain.

We want the button color in lightbox overlay to match all our other  “Buy, Subscribe Membership” type buttons to make the visitors feel comfortable that this isn’t a phishing / malware pop up. And the font matching is a secondary support of the same idea. Basically, we need the overlay to look like the rest of our site.

Thank you