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Accept Customer addPayment form missing Billing Address fields

I am switching from CIM to Accept Customer for the addPayment form. Everything appears to be working fine except in the Billing Address section of the new Accept Customer form there are no fields for Company and Fax like there was with the CIM addPayment form. I have been unable to find any options to make these fields available. Have they been scrapped from the new form?

You should be able to just pull it from a getTransactionDetails method call response. As I said in another post, it will not be on the invoice no matter what you do. I can’t remember offhand if the shipping address works the same. I think it does. The only way to get it on the invoice is to make a custom invoice outside of the merchant interface.

Thank you very much for this.


Sadly my client is not satisfied by having the "Company Name" only on my custom invoice/database.

They do want it on the transaction details available from the Authorize.Net interface.

I'm kind of stuck... trying to reach Authorize.Net for a month about this :-)



Benjamin C.

Hi @BCOmpany42 


For your use case using Accept.js may be a better option .


You will be able to host  your own payment form for a PCI-DSS SAQ A-EP solution that gives you complete control of the customer payment experience.




Send feedback at

Hello Anurag,


Thank you for your answer!


I am working for a Software Editor and I don't want to host my own payment form.

I want this responsibility to be held by the 3rd party payment provider ( here).

Accept Hosted is perfect for that.


I just need its payment form to include a "Company Name" field.

AND/OR the Transaction Details visible from Authorize.Net to show the Company Name I already send through the API under the "billTo > company" tags (as described in Authorize.Net documentation).



Benjamin C.

HI Anurag,


When is the company name feature going to be released?


Is there a configuration option I need?



Company name hasn't been added.


When is it going to be added?

Does it include the company field yet? I still don't see it yet.