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Accept Hosted Form & Recurring Billing

Hello Everyone,


Let me explain case scenario what we are planning to achieve - 


1. Whenever the user clicks on "Checkout" button the web application will redirect the user to Accept Hosted Forms (which opens in iFrameCommunicator) and fill up details to make the payment.


2. When returns "Response" back to the web application it should contain "Transaction ID". 


Note: Is my assumption correct that transaction id would be part of response from


3. The application will then make an API call to CreateCustomerProfileUsingTransaction and using Transaction ID received in the step 2. This way Subscriber ID gets created and Recurring billing is setup for that customer/user.


I want to know my understanding is correct and matching with what is being offered by


Please provide a help to integrate accept.js using IFrame with Angular. So, If you have any sample then please provide.



Kunjan Desai


You are referring to Accept Hosted Payment form. all the steps you referred belong to this payment integration


Accept.js don't make a transaction so that is different flow. Accept.js/UI is a different solution which you can use, here is the information


I hope it will help you.




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