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Accept Hosted Payment Form Has No Inputs

I'm trying to set up the Accept Hosted payment form in an embedded iframe on a django site.  I am able to get a form token and I am sending that to  I am not getting any errors from this request or the form token request.

The issue is that the payment form that shows up is only an order summary which looks like this:


I haven't been able to see any payment inputs or the buttons for submitting/canceling.  I've gone through the documentation here: and I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong.  I am sending "showCreditCard" as true, but can't seem to get the input to show up.

I think this is probably the same issue as but I have never been able to see the credit card inputs, buttons, or anything other than the order summary from the screenshot above.


The issue ended up being that my site was using a different version of bootstrap and jquery than what the examples were using.  When I updated my versions to match up with the example app here: the inputs started to work as expected.