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Accept Hosted Redirect Method - Transaction Status Notifications



I'm in the process of converting from the old SIM integration method to the new Accept Hosted Redirect method where the payment form is hosted on's web site. I have everything working to the point where the customer is able to enter their credit card and they can click to pay.  However, I'm currently unable to figure out how to have communicate the transaction status back to my application so that the app can process the order accordingly. 


I saw some other threads where people suggested using web hooks to accomplish this, but I currently don't see any way to link the transaction to a specific order id in our application.  Questions:


1) Is there a way to have simply send a notification back to my application when the transaction is processed successfully or declined without depending on the user to click the "Continue" button?  If so, how?


2) If the only option is to use the web hooks api, how specifically can I use that to link back to original transaction to match it up with the original order in our application?  Is there a way that I can pass our unique order id with the transaction so that it's passed back via the web hook?


Thank you!




For future reference, if you need help first search the forum for your issue and see if it has been solved. Then make a new topic with your issue if step 1 gets no results. I work the forum while waiting for food at restaurants and also on sick days or times when I have downtime with nothing to do. I will see your post and if it’s something I can help you with I will reply.

For this issue, if you are running webhooks on a live account in test mode that is your problem. Live accounts return no data. The fact that the transactions show up in your interface suggests that you are not in test mode, however.

If that is the case, post the script that is on your endpoint. Also post the url of your endpoint. Make a new topic then please mark it solved if I am able to solve your issue. Solved threads that hang around as unsolved are a pet peeve of mine.

@Renaissance , thank you.  I will post a new topic. 


@nanqiyou wrote:

@Renaissance, I just joined the group after reading numerous posts of yours.  I am new and this might not be the best way to get your help. 


We are using SIM right now and are in the middle of developing teh webhook using Accepted Host metho...

  1. We use a live account
  2. The transactions are successfully recorded on the merchant account
  3. But the webhook arrays are empty, nothing is relayed back to our website for recording and notifications.

We program in php. Our website is on:

Why these sites are not working properly, I am trying to use SIM according to the instructions but its now working on my side, also I am trying to reach on their support but failed.