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Accept Hosted Sandbox E00013 Invalid Setting Value hostedPaymentReturnOptionsurl must begin with

I am trying to debug issues using the Accept Hosted payment solution.

I am encountering the E00013 Invalid Setting Value.  hostedPaymentReturnOptionsurl must begin with http:// or https:// when passing in a URL with localhost.  The URL abosulutely does include https:// so my only thought here is that Authorize is intentionally blocking the use of localhost. 

I have tried using but that doesn't work as the cert is not issued for the IP.  When I give an exception through the browser, this method is still blocked as it becomes a cross-site scripting issue interacting with the accept hosted iframe.

I am pulling my hair out now over this issue and so far have had absolutely zero help going through customer support in our Merchant account.

I am interested in hearing if anyone has ideas, work arounds, or other ways of communicating with Authorize developers to perhaps get a fix for this.  

If I cannot find a work around for this issue, it will likely lead to us not using this solution any further.


Hello there,

I understand your frustration with the E00013 Invalid Setting Value issue you're facing while using the Accept Hosted payment solution. It seems like you've already made attempts to resolve the problem by ensuring the URL begins with 'https://', and I appreciate your efforts.

Regarding the localhost issue, you're correct; some services may intentionally block its usage. It's unfortunate that using '' isn't a viable solution due to certification issues.

Given the challenges you've encountered with customer support, I recommend exploring alternative communication channels with Authorize developers. It's essential to find a resolution that works for your setup.

If anyone in the community has faced similar issues or has insights into potential workarounds, please share your experiences. Additionally, if you have suggestions on alternative ways to contact Authorize developers or have successfully resolved a similar problem, your input would be invaluable.

I hope we can collectively find a solution to this issue and help you continue using the Accept Hosted payment solution.

Best regards, 

Michael Jordy

I would suggest just using a simple static hosted site in a bucket fronted with a ssl load balancer. It really sucks, but that's the easiest way I found. 


In case others run back into this.  

Reaching out was no help as expected.  The solution I ended up going with was to alias localhost to a different domain, and then just accept the invalid certificate error in chrome.