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Accept Payment Page does not work in Ionic 3 with IOS

We are trying to integrate Accept Payment Page in an Ionic 3 project.

since Ionic app's pages have an origin = "file://" because their pages are hosted localy.

to allow the use of the IFrameCommunicator.html which has to be be hosted on the same domain with the Ifame, we used two another Iframes,


  • Inner Iframe to contain the Accept page Iframe, Origin="https//ourServer"
  • Outer Iframe neccessary so that IframeCommunicator could referance previously mentioned Iframe (we  had no issues with that part). Origin="https//ourServer"
  • Outermost Iframe part of the Ionic App hence Hosted on Origin="file://"

we used message evets for communication between frames.


so far everything works properly on Chrome and Safari (with 'ion serve') and Android devices.


The problem is that it does not run on IOS devices (or simulators). 


In the begining it did not load the Outermost Iframe so we added


<access origin="*" />

<allow-navigation href="*" />


to config.xml 

as advised in here


then it loaded the two outer Iframes but not the Accept Payment Page

(or the Accept Payment Page only when we tried to open it directly in the Outermost Iframe,

but then the communicator page cannot be used)


in other words it works with only one origin.


does anyone know how what can be done to run the Accept Pament Page properly on an IOS Ionic App?