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Accept hosted Approach

Hi Team,


I was use the Accept Hosted Approach for getting the 15 minutes token i was pass the my Sandbox account details. when i was use this token for performing the transaction passing the credit card information and billing addess details, finally clcik on the PAy button and shows the paymnet done.


1)My concer is that here once i click on the pay button it charge the customer or just confirming the order ? (It will call the ChargeCustomerProfile API will be called or not).


2)Uisng the getHostedPaymnetPagerequest can we create the new customer profile id and save the paymnet page details on Sandbox merchant account, cause later i want to use that customer profilr for recuring billing transaction. ? any other approch to create customer profile id while entering card details and billing information . i know the CreateCustomerProfile API will be usefull for that but i want to cteate using Accept.js or Accepred Hoted approach.


3)While creating customer profile if i tried to validate the billing address information but according to my AVS configuration not return the AVS respons code. (After passing the all wrong value it will approve thr transaction). (i check the AVS response code in DirectValidateResponse field)


Thank You,

Bhagwat Shinde.