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Accept hosted page redirect is happening but without any transaction postback/webhook response

Hi there,


We have been facing problem while getting the Silent postback/webhook/redirect response from after the transaction has been processed through the Accept hosted page and clicking on the continue button. The control is coming back to our application but without any data even though the Authorize public IPs have been whitelisted.


Also in the transaction history report, we are not able to see the invoice number associated with any transaction although we have been entering all the relevant details in the hosted page form(redirect approach).


Also we'd like to have our custom hidden parameter sent back to us through the webhook notification/Redirect method that we are sending through the hosted page so that we can map that transaction id/invoice number with the customer id on our side once we receive the postback response.


we are not providing/supplying the transaction/credit card details through an API request in the code but on the Accept hosted page itself in order to be PCI compliant. Also both the silent post url and webhook endpoint have the https prefixes attached to them .


Thanks in advance.


Try couple of things mentioned below

1. Register URL for webhook notifications in sandbox settings for webhook.

2. Try using webhook inbox to see if you are getting transactions or not

3. use https URL while registering the end point in sandbox for webhook

4. Do not use local host or locally deployed URL. use ngrok to generate a public url if you are doing it local. 





Were you able to get Authnet Accept Hosted (the redirect method) to work with web hooks?  If so, how did you link the order number or customer to the payment that was received in the web hook?  With SIM it was really easy to get notified by when a payment was successful, but with this new Accept Hosted Redirect method, I don't see an easy way to link a successful transaction with a specific order in our system.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thank you,




Map your order ID to the Invoice ID then you can search for it. 


Or if you want a (less secure) idea... pass the order ID to your completion URL when you request the token, then on your competion URL, validate that the referral was from and can consider the order as paid? Not great, but it does seem to work