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Accessibility on Accept Hosted forms

We are planning to use Accept Hosted forms to integrate with our application. Are the forms displayed with re-direct or iFrame/Lightbox accessible? If do, what is the level of compliance?


Hi Ashish,


Authorize.Net Accept Hosted enables you to use the Authorize.Net API to submit payment transactions, while maintaining SAQ-A level PCI compliance.


You can redirect customers to the Authorize.Net payment form (Redirect Method), or embed the Authorize.Net payment form directly in your own page (IFRAME/LIGHTBOX Method). 


More details on the method used to integrate the form is available - Link


Archived webinar on Simplifying PCI Compliance using Accept Suite for Payments ia available at -


Happy to help / clarify if you have any further queries on Authorize.Net Accept Hosted for your application integration.


Listen to a recording of our live webinar for using Accept to simply PCI Compliance. Specifically designed for developer and technology partners to learn how to simplify Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, using Authorize.Net Accept Suite. Accept Suite
Developer Developer

Thanks for the additional information, but it does not answer my question. To clarify, I am looking information specifically for "Web Accessibility" on accept hosted pages(Redirect or iFrames).